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Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund: A Spotlight on Exceptional Investing

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In the vast landscape of investment options, mutual funds play a crucial role, offering diversification and professional management to individual investors. One mutual fund that stands out is the Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund. With a focus on quality and a track record of consistent performance, it has garnered the attention of both seasoned investors and those new to the market. In this spotlight, we will delve into what makes this fund exceptional and why it deserves a place in your investment portfolio.

  1. A History of Consistency:

The Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund is managed by Jensen Investment Management, an independent and employee-owned firm. The fund follows a disciplined, long-term investment philosophy that has been consistently successful. The managers employ a quality-focused approach, seeking companies with competitive advantages and strong financials.

  1. Quality Over Quantity:

One of the fund’s defining characteristics is its commitment to quality. The managers target companies with sustainable competitive advantages, strong market positions, and reliable cash flows. This quality-driven approach aims to reduce risk and generate consistent returns over time.

  1. A Global Outlook:

The Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund is not limited to domestic stocks. It takes a global approach, investing in both U.S. and international companies. This diversification allows investors to benefit from opportunities in various markets while mitigating risks associated with a single region’s economic fluctuations.

  1. Long-Term Focus:

Investors looking for a fund that aligns with their long-term goals will find the Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund appealing. The fund’s managers take a patient approach, investing with a horizon of three to five years or longer. This aligns with the philosophy of compounding wealth over time.

  1. Impressive Performance:

The fund’s historical performance speaks volumes about its strategy. Over the years, it has outperformed many of its peers and benchmarks. Investors in search of consistent growth and steady returns will appreciate the Jensen fund’s track record.

  1. Low Portfolio Turnover:

The fund’s buy-and-hold strategy leads to lower portfolio turnover compared to actively traded funds. This not only reduces trading costs but also minimizes the tax implications for investors.

  1. Investor-Friendly Structure:

The fund is available in both institutional and retail share classes, making it accessible to a broad range of investors. Retail investors can take advantage of the fund’s low minimum initial investment requirement.

  1. Active Management:

While the fund follows a buy-and-hold approach, it is actively managed, allowing the portfolio managers to react to changing market conditions and incorporate new information into their investment decisions.

  1. Recognized for Excellence:

The Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund has received recognition and awards in the industry, showcasing its excellence in delivering consistent returns and aligning with the best interests of investors.


The spotlight on the Jensen Global Quality Growth Fund reveals a mutual fund that is worth considering for investors seeking consistent growth and quality-driven investments. With a history of impressive performance, a focus on long-term goals, and a commitment to quality, this fund offers a compelling opportunity to align your investment portfolio with your financial objectives. As always, it’s essential to conduct due diligence and consult with a financial advisor to ensure that any investment, including mutual funds, aligns with your specific goals and risk tolerance.